Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Writing workshop tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon, I give a spec-fic writing workshop with Robin Wayne Bailey and Susan Satterfield at The Writers Place in Kansas City. Should be much fun!

Rather than make a lot of handouts for the attendees, I added a bunch of SF Writer Resources to the Center for the Study of Science Fiction's weblinks page (where you can also find tons of other resources for SF scholars, teachers, and fans).

TRANSCENDENCE news: Countdown to book launch: Exactly four weeks, minus a few hours. Reading and signing at Jayhawk Ink, in the University of Kansas student union. Getting so excited!

Oh, and it's Hadley Rille Books' 5-year birthday, and they're giving away a free Kindle 3G to celebrate! Just go to the website and register. I also noticed that you can pre-order my novel at significant discount (with free shipping) directly from the site.

*happy dance*
Tags: teaching, transcendence

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