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A great thought for our times.

From iFixit, "the free repair manual that you can edit" (click to image to go there or to see the full-size image).

Like the man says, repairing what you have is better than the alternatvies, especially better than buying newly manufactured crap. I'm pleased to say that just I fixed a frakked-up toilet, among other household repairs - owning a home is a constant parade of repairs - and do something every week to keep my vehicle collection alive (Saab electronics and cooling system work this week). What have you done lately to live up to the Self-Repair Manifesto?

Thanks to jeanineers for the tip!



Nov. 10th, 2010 08:34 pm (UTC)
My Xbox power brick developed a pretty annoying buzzing/rattling sound. I pulled it apart like an ape opening a Gatorade bottle. Once inside I used a dremel trim away the plastic that the fan had apparently begun to rub against while spinning because it was out of balance. I've seen the power bricks online for as much as $80 but you CAN find them for closer to 20 if you look hard. Either way, money saved.

I've also begun to do all the maintenance on the gfs car and mine as well. Not sure how much money I've saved doing my own synthetic oil changes since I can do them for less than half what I'd get charged at the dealer or a shop.

I've made my own dog tether rather than buying one out of various scraps laying around the office and the house.

Repaired my laptop screen when it went out by re-soldering the inverter.

Have also installed fully custom car stereo while learning it on the fly. Then ripped it out and sold it piece-meal when I sold the car.

I invest all of my own money except my 401(k).
Nov. 10th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)
Go you!