Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Airborne Mysteries, Part MXVII

Are aliens among us? Or is it just another - though extraordinary - military FUBAR? Note: US military officials still deny the vapor-trail was created by a missile. So what, then? A flaming orca headed to space? Dolphins going somewhere safer than Earth? ALIENS? Check it out, the "Mystery Missile" launched just off the coast of Los Angeles last night:

Which recalls last year's "Black Hole" over Norway:

...and don't forget the excitement stirred a couple of weeks ago by several former US military officers who testified at the National Press Club about UFOs disabling our nuclear deterrent systems in the 1960s. No, seriously!

Excitement! Adventure! Aliens among us! Or something....

Tags: aliens, the space age

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