Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

fighting fire with fire

So I discovered this morning that my novel, Transcendence, has been ripped (presumably from its Kindle edition) and file-shared all across teh intarwebs. Most irritating, perhaps, is that the top several hits on a Google search of my name and book title show torrent and file-sharing-club sites.

Here's how I responded:

  1. What? How can this be? I can't believe someone would rip and share my book without even letting me know!

  2. How dare they! The bastards! They didn't even ask, and none of them provide link-backs to my site.

  3. Maybe if I ask the torrent sites to take down the offending posts, this will go away.

  4. *boo-hoo*

  5. Hm. I guess this just means that I have at least one torrent-hack for a fan. Any exposure is good exposure, right?

  6. I know! I'll beat them at their own game and give it away, myself. Bwahahahaha!

So! If you want to help, let people know where they can get my novel:

My publisher's website with my book:

Here's the link to Amazon:

It's also been Kindled:


Barnes & Noble:


And of course they can get it from my site, where people can download the whole thing in .pdf, .epub, or .html versions for free:

I also provide a link for people to drop me a donation if they choose:

Links to these will help alter Google's (and other search engines') algorithyms such that the torrent sites fall off. I'd appreciate your help!

Tags: decline of civilization, transcendence, writing

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