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Today, to celebrate Hadley Rille Books' 5-year anniversary - and his own birthday! - Eric T Reynolds (ericreynolds) is writing 50,000 words. IN ONE DAY.

So far: about 5000 words in two hours. You can track his progress on his Facebook account. Go wish him luck!

Also in celebration of this wonderful publishing house's anniversary, Eric is giving away a Kindle 3G! You get one free registration, and the more books you buy, the more entries you get. Help Hadley Rille sell 5000 books by December 31! I hear they have this science fiction novel entitled Transcendence (at a nice discount directly from the publisher), which would make a lovely present ;-)



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Nov. 29th, 2010 06:51 pm (UTC)
That's impressive, and I wish him luck. I'm not entirely sure I could write 50k in a single day, and I'm one of the fastest writers I know. ;)
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