Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Library Journal review!

My editor, ericreynolds, just tipped me off to Library Journal's review of my novel, Transcendence. They really seem to get what I was doing:

In the near future, technology pushes the world toward self-destruction. As a teenage hacker attempts to use his skills to find a girl he once loved and unwittingly betrayed, a supertycoon uses his artificial constructs to increase his control over the world. Actors in a virtual reality drama start a real-time war in space, while an artificial intelligence decides to try on a physical form and live as a human. Short story writer McKitterick’s first novel tells a larger-than-life cautionary tale of men and women in crisis and of the dangers posed by an out-of-control technology.

...and end with this nice recommendation:

VERDICT: Readers who enjoyed the cyberpunk feel of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash as well as the cosmic fiction of James Blish’s Cities in Flight should welcome the author’s full-length SF debut.


They also gave a nice review to another Hadley Rille Books author, Terri-Lynne DeFino (bogwitch64), for her book Finder. Nice day for HRB!

Now I'm heading out to celebrate with some friends at Henry's!

Tags: transcendence

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