Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Paleo eating & exercise for the win!

Just finished my mid-day workout and thought I'd drop in to LJ for a moment before resuming grading.

Haven't done a health post in a while, so a quick update:

  • Off sugar and corn syrup since April (with a slip during the CSSF Writers Workshops).

  • Eating mostly paleo since then, too, more as time goes on, but not strictly. That is, I eat milk products, just no refined sugar.
    For example, today for breakfast I had broccoli soup (thanks to clevermanka) with sasuage and cheese, and a glass of half-water, quarter each of apple cider and orange juice - oh, and a banana; for lunch a custom concoction of chorizo, spinach, chicken, and almonds with spicy cheese. Also a half-cup of kefir for digestive health. Dinner will likely be a big salad out with the guys, and I sometimes have a beer (but two usually upsets my stomach now). Other meals include fish, lots of veggies, nuts, and so forth.

  • Down to 168 pounds (from a high last winter of 195, and an all-time high of well over 200 [wasn't weighing back then], eek).

  • Today I did my first full-on, go-until-failure workout (rather than maintenance exercise) in weeks and found I haven't lost strength despite being buried in work. Even added a couple of new movements to my routine. Hurray!

  • Musculature shows better than in my last photos (and starting to get some ab definition!). (I'll post pics again next time, in the middle of grading now.) Apparently I had fat on my arms and shoulders, too. Huh.

  • Overall: Feeling much healthier, with fewer blood-sugar drops, more stamina, no joint pain (except the shoulder, natch) and all-around more vim and vigor.

  • Had to get rid of MOST of my long-sleeved shirts, and probably ought to ditch the old short-sleeves, too.

  • Ditto old pants. Which fit like clown pants. (Sorry, weaselmom, The Pants had to go; I was swimming in them.)
    An aside: I know what you're thinking: "Boo hoo, you lost weight and had to buy new clothes." Well, still, it's something to weigh (ar ar): cost of new clothes vs. cost of lots of crap food, health problems, self-esteem, and so forth.

  • Can't eat any pre-packaged food.

  • Most fancy receptions have nothing to eat that isn't half sugar or bread.

  • If I were really strict, almost nothing in a restaurant would fit my diet.

Anyone else out there eating differently and seeing positive results? Got a new exercise routine?

Maybe not yet, but you're feeling like shedding poundage, looking better, and feeling healthier? Well, if I can give up sugar, anyone can! Just ask any of my long-time friends and you'll likely hear that I was the worst chocoholic around and used to suffer all kinds of sore joints and blood-sugar instability. However, like any addiction, it's a habit that anyone with a little willpower (and support) can kick. It just took me two weeks of staying off sugar to lose my taste for the stuff.

Geez, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial. Anyhow: Paleo and exercise FTW!

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