Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

You want cold? I gotcher cold right here.

Like NEGATIVE-BAZILLION degrees cold, is what!

Click the image to see the Lawrence, KS, forecast courtesy of

(That's in Fahrenheit, folks.)

I was wondering why the furnace kept running and running tonight. Now I know. I'm not happier possessing this knowledge. In weather like this, don't forget to open your under-sink cupboard doors to ensure that the pipes don't freeze. Same goes for any pipes near outer walls: Expose 'em to inside air! This morning, my walk-in attic (where I store extra wine and soda-pop) was 32°F, and the very edge of the attic (where the roofline meets the front-porch ceiling) was just over 20°F. Yes, I have one of those nifty laser temperature sensors, why do you ask?

Brrrr. Going to bed now.

Tags: weather-porn

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