Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

"Surveyor of Mars" story submitted. And ACCEPTED! Also, revision curiosities.

That story I mentioned in last Thursday's post, "Surveyor of Mars," is now fully revised and off to the editor for whom I wrote it! I really hope they like it. *fingers crossed*

EDIT: I started drafting this post late last night, and my editor already wrote back this morning. She called the story "amazingly good" - wow, that's about the best thing I've ever read first thing in the morning. What a wonderful way to start the week!

Interesting observation: Though I cut hundreds of words from my finished draft during the course of revision, the story ended up being 1,700 words longer by the time I finished. Here's the progress-tracking:

  • Original draft complete: 6700 words, March 30

  • Revisions:
    • 7650 words, March 31

    • 8100 words, April 1

    • 8250 words, April 2

    • 8350 words, April 3
  • Revisions complete: 8400 words, April 4 (and this was after A LOT of cutting)

Based on those word-counts, would you believe that I cut hundreds of words each time I made a pass? However, as usual, most of my reviewers' comments required me to ADD something.

Is this how it works for you, too, or do you actually end up with shorter work after each pass?

PS: In case you missed it above, I SOLD A NEW STORY! WOOHOOO!

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