Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Hot-Rod Newport Progress!

Here's how I spent my summer vacation... er, the weekend after finals: building a big-block Mopar engine! Getting closer to hooking up fuel and spark and seeing if it runs. Check it out:

Here's how she looks right now. Almost time to bolt up the water pump and intake!

Here's me grinding the camshaft bolts for the 383. Every part so far has needed to be customized in this build. EVERY part. Yes, EVEN THE BOLTS. They were rubbing against the front timing cover, along with the cam button (which I also had to chop and grind down). When I get some time, I'm going to write up a fully illustrated build for this engine so others can save mountains of time and heartache when duplicating it.

I want to get back out in the garage, but this afternoon is for grading finals... well, for a while more, maybe.... This morning was mowing, chopping branches, chopping intruding fence-vines and vines creeping up trees, and so forth before today's storms begin. I think all the rain has something to do with the explosion of green growth lately.

Maybe just a few more papers, then ENGINE BUILDING HOORAY!

Tags: hot-rod newport, house, vehicles

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