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One definition of joy: a warm summer evening with friends that includes a chorus of cicadas, hot links grilled on a fire in the back yard, cool beer, some sparring, racing around a track, a few Perseid meteors, and swimming in Clinton lake beneath the waxing gibbous Moon and distant lightning with coyotes or foxes singing in the nearby forest.

Now THIS feels like vacation.




Aug. 13th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
I've studied martial arts of various forms over the years, mostly taekwondo, and my favorite part was always the sparring. My instructor out in Seattle interviewed me when I first wanted to sign up, asking why I was there. I said I liked sparring and tournament fighting, so he set up a program heavy on the sparring - in fact, every Saturday was non-stop sparring all day against all the classes, starting with the morning kids' class. That was a riot!

With my friends, I mostly just spar reactively - if my opponent attacks, I block and respond, going pretty light. However, I try to go as many rounds as I have friends willing to spar!