Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Perseids and hot rods

Just got home from watching the Perseid meteor shower from a building roof - saw a WOWZA blue fireball as soon as we got into position, then several more. A lovely way to spend the birthday eve of an astronomy-loving friend who just turned 30.

Earlier today, worked on the hot-rod Newport: pulled a valve cover, installed a driveshaft into the oil pump, and spun the pump with a drill while turning over the engine with a long ratchet - victory! The rocker-shafts are oiling properly (couldn't tell before). Also set up new (but 1966-Chrysler-font-matching) gauges to monitor oil pressure and water temperature, plus removed the old and installed the new sending units for said gauges. Cleaned up and painted the new radiator, and worked out a mounting strategy. Installed spark plugs. Installed distributor drive gear and distributor. Installed heater-core hose pipes. And mocked up the temporary exhaust so I can haul the full exhaust system to a local muffler shop for proper welded installation. Progress!

Tomorow: lunch with another friend and more Newport-building. Want to get it finished and streetable before the Greaserama auto show at the end of the month!

Tags: astronomy, vehicles

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