Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Hot-Rod Newport build progress: T-minus 4 days....

...until the Greaserama car show! A couple of pics showing progress as of August 25, 2011. First, the passenger side:

Maybe it doesn't look much different than in the last shots, but I've made lots of progress that represent working late into the night for many evenings: Radiator mounted! Overflow bottle mounted! Alternator mounted! Fuel pump cleaned, painted, and mounted! Intake manifold swapped front-to-rear and re-mounted! Carburetor and spacer mounted! Coil mounted!

Also, custom radiator hoses mounted! New battery box ground and drilled to fit and mounted! Throttle-lever mount ground to fit new intake manifold, then cleaned up and painted and mounted! Mopar-specific throttle adapter for the carburetor mounted! Misc. fasteners and brackets reattached! New thermostat-housing pulled and old one cleaned and painted and mounted! (The snazzy new aluminum housing won't fit under the A/C unit, and to run belts to the alternator, one needs to mount the A/C *sigh*)

Oh, I also figured out how to remove the rear fender-skirts. Then pulled the hubcaps and sprayed bolt-release compound into the studs and nuts in order to remove the stock wheels and mount the new wheels. SO CLOSE!

Today I pay for insurance and tags on all the vehicles, then gather some missing stuff (hoses, etc.) and install fuel lines and maybe some more stuff.

Tags: hot-rod newport, vehicles

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