Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Time floweth in hyperspherical directions

This forward-and-backward-memory effect makes a lot of intuitive sense because explains a lot of human experience, including why confident people are more successful (because they know they'll succeed), why we "get a bad (or good) feeling" about stuff, deja vu, and so much more. Plus it's just logical that we can perceive time's natural state rather than just the linear fashion in which we experience it.

My intuitive metaphor for time is water, because of the complexity - and widening complexity the farther you get from the epicenter of perspective - of water molecules moving and interacting in fractal and almost-random fashion.

At various times in my life, usually at super-stressful moments, I'm able to remember backward; that is, if I don't intervene in, say, a painful argument, I know exactly the direction it'll take. It's not psychic powers or anything; it's more like living through a scene of deja vu, knowing that if I act out the part of future-memory-Chris, things will go exactly as in my memory from the future, my forward remembrance. The interesting part is not just that but the part where I can change the future by not following the script of my memory from the future. It's been inexplicable to me - well, in general - but specifically because it doesn't make sense that intervening would change a future deja vu. Except that time isn't set in the "future" because there's always an ever-diverging and multiplying set of alternate paths one can take, each decision and diversion from our rut enabling more and more possible paths, each one of those branching into more.

Reading this, it's pretty clear that we have infinite possibility in our lives, and listening to our gut and seeking adventure and novelty are ways to live across multiple possible universes, not just the one in which we're deeply rooted. Now if only scientists could find a way to strengthen this skill... I wonder: Perhaps by working hard to remember backward (studying for things in the past, deeply learning from experience, and so forth) we can strengthen our time-sense.

Thanks for the heads-up, clevermanka!

Cool beans!

Tags: ideas, random cool stuff, super-powers, the human condition, transcendence

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