Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Hot-Rod Newport build progress for September 6, 2011.

Troubleshooting inch-by-inch revealed a very simple issue: The prior owner had installed a Crane Cams XR700 (opens .pdf instruction manual) electronic ignition module BACKWARDS in the distributor. Which explains why the wires (upon closer inspection of a pre-teardown photo) were installed 180° off. I swung it around 180° to where it's supposed to be, went through the plug wires again to put them where they're supposed to be when the optical sensor in the distributor is correctly positioned, reinstalled the distributor, rechecked the timing, and stepped into the car to give it another try.

I'll allow this video to explain how things proceeded:

WOOHOO! So glad I tore down the coolant hoses today to fix a few leaks.

Ready to ROCK! Now if only it weren't so late and the unmuffled exhaust so loud I'd go for a cruise. Alas, I don't want to encourage the neighbors to assault the house with pitchforks and torches. When I gave it a little rev (and WOW is she rev-happy!), the pressure waves from the exhaust knocked a box from the garage attic onto the floor. So methinks I'll wait for light of day to take it for a spin.

But she runs!


Tags: hot-rod newport, vehicles

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