Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

"Surveyor of Mars" off to the printer

Just sent off my corrections to the proofs for my newest story, "Surveyor of Mars," to appear in DAW's new Westward Weird [Amazon|Powell's] anthology, edited by Kerrie Hughes and Martin Greenberg. It's due out in early February of 2012.

My story is about a land surveyor working on Mars - a.k.a. a reluctant gunfighter - who gets drawn into larger and less-pleasant events that will shape the future of Mars [a Mars that never was].

Here's the post about the unprecedentedly short amount of time between submission and acceptance (six hours!); to be fair, it was an invited story, but one still has to satisfy the editor. And here's more about the story.

Like the Old West, alternate history, the supernatural? Then you should LOVE this book - and, I hope, my story, too!

Tags: writing

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