Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Ten-squirrel party in the back yard.

A few minutes ago, ten (10!) squirrels were eating the seeds I put out this morning! This might be a new record. I didn't even know that many lived so close to the yard.

One was eating bird-seed out of the bird-feeder. Now, I love my squirrels, but the seed is also intended for the neighborhood bird population. We have Jays, Cardinals, Doves, and many varieties of Little Brown Birds. So I went outside to have a chat with the fellow in the feeder to encourage him to leave. Most of the other squirrels scattered when I opened the sliding-glass door; however, en route, one squirrel on the back patio refused to move more than a few steps out of my way. Brave little beggar - I think this is the one who stands at the door asking for dinner every day. Here's a before-shot of the party; Brave Dude is in the center-front, nearest the glass:

When I reached the garage, the bird-feeder squirrel just looked at me for a few seconds as I stood mere feet away. "Hey, little fellow, those are for the birds." *blink-blink*

Then he hopped to the ladder on the side of the garage (a foot or two farther away) and stared at me for a few more seconds until finally getting frustrated that I wasn't leaving. I went back inside to heat up some coffee. Minutes later? Yeah, back in the feeder. *sigh*

Just in case you missed 'em in the last photo, here is a visual aid. Note that three are not visible: one each to the right and left, and one in the fire-pit gnawing on dead Jack-O-Lanterns:

Every day is a party at Casa del McKitterick!

EDIT: Speaking of urban-wildlife fun, check out this amazing photo-filled post of my Dreamwidth friend Haruka hand-feeding chickadees. SRSLY!

Tags: urban wildlife

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