Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

It had to happen...

Yesterday I was bragging about how I made it an entire winter flu season without getting sick. Had to sleep 10 hours a couple of nights, but woke up feeling fine the next day. When I said that, I did not knock wood, people. I DID NOT KNOCK WOOD. You know what's coming next:

This morning, I woke tired and groggy and sore, but attributed it to last night's Crossfit, even though I felt my best ever post-workout. By noon, I felt like pierced bicycle tires. Took my temp, and it said just shy of 100°. Haven't eaten more than a breakfast smoothie all day, just not hungry. Except for brains.

Crap. Couldn't miss today's "Science, Technology, & Society" class, as it was the last of the semester, and because it was all student presentations, all the time, I figured I could just sit back and enjoy.

(Yes, I was diligent about washing my hands, didn't shake any hands that were offered after class, and am not sneezing or coughing. Couldn't miss this one! I just hope what infects me isn't one of the horrible diseases a couple of the presentation teams discussed and/or dramatized....)

GEEBUS, but three hours is a long time to sit still. I was FREEZING in that classroom which, apparently, was warm and pleasant. Going home now to drink a lot of water and maybe watch some distracting movies. No class for me tomorrow, thank goodness! Sadly, I was going to test for my "white bandana" at Crossfit tomorrow, which would allow me to attend regular group WoDs.

Question: What can I take to reduce my fever that isn't an NSAID? I take Meloxicam every day, and don't want to make my stomach lining bleed. Help!

EDIT:When I got home, discovered it's now a fever of 101°. *sigh* Trying some green tea now. EDIT 2: Scratch that, it's almost 102° now. Wow, this is exciting!

Tags: health, teaching

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