Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Back from outer space

So the Workshop was great: 12 dedicated (well, most of 'em) writers, several of whom wrote at least three more stories during their time here! The last two days, George Zebrowski and Pamela Sargent attended, and the final day held an amazing array of special reviewers:

  • Brian Aldiss
  • Greg Bear
  • Gregory Benford
  • Harry Harrison
  • Betty Anne Hull
  • James Gunn
  • Jack McDevitt
  • Frederik Pohl
  • Pamela Sargent
  • George Zebrowski

Wow. I wish I coulda been a student for that.

Then the Campbell Conference. It was four solid days of adrenaline and stress, but we did have extended minutes and sometimes hours when we had less to do and could actually enjoy the proceedings. Next year, Jim Gunn says we're running the entire show. Um, that's an honor, I guess, but I'm not sure we'll live through it. More SFnal locals will be called to action -- free memberships!

The SF Writers Retreat also had several attendees who were production machines. We'll be sure to keep offering this, though perhaps a special one next year....

Now the Intensive Institute on the Study of SF. Kij is actually taking it for credit, because in her words, "They'll give me graduate credit for reading The World of Null-A and The Time Machine? Cool!" Thank gawd I only have to teach my regular technical writing class.

Speaking of which, back to grading!

Best, Chris
Tags: cssf, science fiction

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