Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

2012 John W. Campbell Memorial Award Finalists Announced

2012 Campbell Award Finalists
Ernest Cline Ready Player One
Kathleen Ann Goonan This Shared Dream
Will McIntosh Soft Apocalypse
China Miéville Embassytown
Christopher Priest The Islanders
Joan Slonczewski The Highest Frontier
Michael Swanwick Dancing with Bears
Lavie Tidhar Osama
Daniel H. Wilson Robopocalypse
Gene Wolfe Home Fires
Rob Ziegler Seed

And there you have it! Congratulations to all the authors listed above: These are fine novels, every one of them, and you wouldn't go wrong reading any of them. Heck, if you're looking for a "best of 2012" list, here you go!

We'll announce the winners of both the Campbell Award and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award at this year's Campbell Conference in Lawrence, Kansas, at the event's Awards Banquet on the evening of Friday, July 6. Register now for early bird savings!

We'll announce the Sturgeon Award finalists soon.

We'll also continue to announce special guests who'll be attending this year's Campbell Conference, but for now that includes Robin Wayne Bailey, Andy Duncan, Sheila Finch, James Gunn, Kij Johnson, Christopher McKitterick, and Eric T. Reynolds, and expect to see several more as we firm up plans.

Tags: cssf, science fiction

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