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Just dipping out of grading finals for a few updates:

First up, interested in being part of this year's Science Fiction Writing Workshop with special guest author Andy Duncan? Well, we still have a few slots left, so apply ASAP to ensure consideration!

Last weekend, Hastings Bookstore in Lawrence held a big event for local SFnal types. Here we are:

Here's the whole gang (left to right): Lane Robins, James Gunn, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, K.d. McEntire, Mary Chambers, Robin Wayne Bailey, Chris McKitterick, and Kij Johnson who dropped in on her way out of town. Check out the photos on The Gathering Facebook photo page.

Speaking of finals, grades are complete for my "Science, Technology, and Society: Examining the Future Through a Science-Fiction Lens" course (ENGL507). As usual, those who participated most in class, turned in all the projects, and did extra-credit got the best grades on their finals, as well. Surprise! Hoping to wrap up my vast assortment of technical-writing courses tomorrow. Yes, early. Because:

I'm going to be mostly offline starting later this week, WRITING MY OWN STUFF. You heard that right: I'm going to be selfish with my time and try to get down the first three chapters of my next novel (The True-Life Space Adventures of Jack and Stella) in time to read from it at the upcoming ConQuest SF convention in Kansas City over Memorial Day weekend.

The Sinus Infection of Enduring Suffering has sidelined my CrossFit shenanigans, but I've kept up the movements at home, anyway, getting up from my desk every hour or two to do push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and so forth. Helps not only keep me from feeling like I'm losing ground but also helps keep up the energy.

Speaking of which, I'm back to it!

Tags: adventures of jack and stella, cssf, health, teaching, writing

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