Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Makin' some noise! Chevelle and Newport videos.

Okay, people have wanted to hear the mechanical music of the two hot-rods dwelling in my garage, so here they are! I apologize for the non-scripted narrations and noise-protection sticking out from my ears; I make no claim to being a pro film-maker. You can hear 'em start up at the end of each vid.

First up, the 1968 Chevelle SS396 drag-racin', corner-carvin' machine of doom <-- click that link if the video below doesn't load - it's not playing nice with my IE9:

Forgot to mention a few other mods: Also has ported heads and will soon be getting a 6-speed transplant plus A/C.

And the 1966 Chrysler Newport hot-rod Town Sedan:

Note that the sound volume drops precipitously after I fire it up; it is DEAFENING in the garage when that thing runs, popping at idle like a funny-car through those straight pipes, so the camera must have curled up in a fetal ball and assumed I didn't really want to record it at full volume. Eventually it'll also get the full exhaust treatment, but for now it's too fun as-is.

Tags: chevelle ss396, hot-rod newport, vehicles

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