Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Grades COMPLETE! Writing-time begins.



Guess who just turned in final grades for Spring 2012? THAT'S RIGHT, A DAY AND A HALF EARLY! Praise be the benefits of modern medicine.

After tomorrow, when grades are official, I go offline for a week, during which time I write the first chapter or three of my next novel - that'd be Jack and Stella's True-Life Space Adventures - so I can read from it at the upcoming ConQuesT SF convention in Kansas City.

Speaking of SFnal stuff in Kansas City, this weekend is the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! show at Bartle Hall. If the writing is well underway and I feel I can afford to get away for a day, I shall be there on Saturday.

(Now begins the countdown for the lamentations of those who are shocked, SHOCKED, that they didn't get an A. And those who feel that completing missing projects on the last day will result in a positive outcome.)

Tags: adventures of jack and stella, teaching, writing

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