Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Transit of Venus across Sun: T-minus-2-hours

At least for my region, that is. For your region, check out the various calculators on the Web, including this one - but note that it's an hour off for my area. Just FYI.

In case you missed my chock full o' goodness post about this yesterday, here it is.

Click the image to see the Discovery page about the transit.

Incidentally, the only way you'll see a view like the photo above is if you have an orbiting 'scope or an observatory-caliber telescope with a Hydrogen-alpha filter. It's still cool, though, even without a telescope and only using a light-blocker.

I've set up my telescope for daytime solar duty and tested it: Ready to rock! I think I'll bring a camera to see what I can capture.

Area residents: I'll be setting up at the Lied Center parking lot, on the south-west side, because it has probably the best view of the relevant part of the sky. I'm sure many others will be there, too. Have a welder's helmet or glass from one? Bring it! I'll bring my welding helmet, too.


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