Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Astro-Porn of the Day: When a Solar Dragon Erupts.

Remember the magnetic filament creeping across the surface of the Sun from one of my Astro-Porn posts last month? Here it is, the massive cloudlike feature on the left side of the Sun in this image:

Click the image to see that LJ post.

Well, here's what happens when they go KAPLOOEY and erupt! Beauty from destruction:

Click the image to see NASA Solar Dynamics Library page - with a video!

The filament stretched and arched upward until it broke and blasted off into space. Some of the plasma from this eruption hit Earth with a glancing blow on September 3, generating some beautiful aurora:

Click the image to see a Daily Mail news article about the event.

Tags: astronomy

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