Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

James Gunn News

Sad news from James Gunn about his wife, Jane:

Jane died last night at Brandon Woods. She had several hospitalizations in the last month or so, for dehydration, since she wasn't eating or drinking much, and went into hospice care a couple of weeks ago. She had been nonresponsive for the past few days, but they kept her comfortable, and we had a CD player beside her bed playing Frank Sinatra and [their son] Kevin's music. At her request, she is being cremated and will be inurned, in a small private occasion later, in Lawrence's Pioneer Cemetery, where many KU faculty and family are inurned. Jim

Here is her obituary.

My first memory of Jane was meeting her in 1993 at Jim's retirement party, in a stone castle in Lawrence, KS. She was vivacious - probably aided by champagne - and lovely, with creamy, unlined skin. I saw her often through the years since, when I visited their home. It will be strange to see Jim there, knowing that Jane will no longer answer the door.

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