Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Why science fiction is awesome, reason #34,872.

Writing a space opera or otherwise using space combat in your SF? This is a fantastic article on the topic.

My favorite quote, and something I will almost certainly use when discussing SF in any context:

"Science fiction can inform policy-making directly. One of the great strengths of science fiction is that it allows you have a conversation about something that you otherwise couldn't talk about because it's too politically charged. It allows you to create the universe you need in order to have the conversation you want to have."

In other news, I made an impromptu trip with Kij to Salina on Saturday evening, where she was doing a reading and signing at Ad Astra Books & Coffee House. If you're ever in Salina, Kansas, and want to pick up a copy of my novel Transcendence, the Sentinels In Honor of Arthur C. Clarke collection, the Westward Weird collection, or one of Kij's books, stop by the place! Downtown Salina is charming, as well, and the town has the best BBQ joynt I've yet to enjoy.

Tags: science fiction

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