Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

World War Z (coming to a theater near you)

Who knew? Next summer's blockbuster will be World War Z, based on Max Barry's novel. Looks like they've combined the various storylines into a single character played by Brad Pitt, which changes everything. Also, the zombies are runners rather than walkers, and the movie takes place starting with Z Day instead of afterward. But let's forget that for a moment and watch the excitement:

So let's think of this as just another cool zombie movie, and save the "But it's not World War Z!" ranting for afterward. This going to be awesome.

PS: Go see the new Bond movie if you haven't yet. I LOVED IT ALL. If you're a Bond fan, you'll be pleased, too.

Now I'm back to work.

Tags: movies

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