Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Writing Experiment: Day One Report

So far, so good!

I didn't open the internets until now. Started writing at about 9:30am (after breakfast and running a couple errands while pondering the writing), went until 12:30pm, and completed about 800 new words. Also got myself caught up on where I was, which means reading through my notes (mostly last night, but also a while today) and skimming through what I have in the novel so far which also means some revising for continuity). Starting tomorrow, I won't be doing nearly as much reading or revising, so should complete even more new writing.

Same plan for tomorrow. Wow, if I continue at this pace every day, every week, I'll finish my draft in just a couple of months... huh!

Who else is trying this?

Tags: writing

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