Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Do you live in a 4th-Amendment-free zone? Probably, or worse.

Because some 200 million US Citizens do. That's 2/3 of us all in this country.

The Department of Homeland Security Theater has defined a 100-mile "border" around the nation. Within that "border" they can - and do - search and seize Americans (and everyone else) WITHOUT REASONABLE CAUSE. If you resist, YOU TOO can be seized. Click the map below to find out.

Click the image to see if you live in a 4th-Amendment-free zone.

Here's the original WIRED story that broke the news... which I'll bet you haven't heard about.

How is this not huge news all across the nation? Why aren't people protesting in the streets? Between 2008 and 2010, 6,500 people have had their electronic devices searched along the US border, according to DHS data. What happens to those who refuse? Have you heard what happens to those who refuse DHS? NOT GOOD THINGS. In fact, refusing DHS orders by definition makes you a terrorist suspect, which then give them cause to detain you indefinitely until they are assured you pose no threat.


Here's the petition you need to sign to stop this Constitutionally illegal DHS behavior. Go there now. If you're a US citizen, it's your duty.

I was about to type, "I can't believe this has been going on in our country," but I can, actually. Why? here's a litany of what's become of the USA since the Neocons transformed this nation from one that represents the people to one that represents the 1% of the filthy-rich who possess 99% of the wealth:

Wiretaps, search and seizure, indefinite detention, citizen surveillance, thought police, assassinations, invasions of sovereign nations, on and on... this is no longer a nation of law, but a place that's being transformed into a tyrannical empire ruled by royalty who don't attain their power over us all (and their special segregation from rule of law) through birth but through financial privilege... which their power ever-increases, which in turn provides them more power, and so on, an eternal spiral sucking freedom and wealth from the rest of us and funneling it into their vaults. The ultra-rich are a power-singularity, around which orbit the politicians they own, and into which all we have will ultimately spiral, erasing the US Middle Class as surely as a black hole erases all traces of matter that passes within its event horizon.

If you doubt that the richest 1% utterly control all power in the US, check out this video infographic:

All of this is an outrage. An outrage against us as citizens, against the Constitution which defines this nation, against this nation as a whole, and because of our position in the world and how we project power, an outrage against everyone on Earth. Why aren't we all outraged?

This cannot go on forever - at least not without destroying every remaining aspect of America-as-the-dream-that-was. Will Americans once again just lie back and allow this new assault on our rights and freedoms? Will we let the dream fade forever into history?

Or will we sign that petition, organize protests and marches, offer sane political candidates, and put our nation back on course toward freedom? Will this finally give the Occupy movement (or something like it) a core around which to rally?

I can hope.

Tags: decline of civilization, politics

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