Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Time to fire Congress: They're killing NASA research and education.

That's it, I'm done with our government. It's one thing to make power-grabs, gradually erode our freedoms, and serve only their richy-rich masters, but to eliminate NASA's public outreach and educational programs? The budget they're proposing for Fiscal Year 2013 forces NASA to walk away from planned missions to Mars and Europa's oceans, delay for decades any missions to the outer planets, and radically slow the pace of scientific discovery, including the search for life on other worlds. For example, Mars exploration would totally be put on hold, taking a 38.5% cut.


Click the image to see the io9 article.

Bill Nye and other Planetary Society folks posted a great piece on this, too. Did you know that NASA's total budget is far less than 1% of the federal budget? Chopping NASA's budget for exploration like this only saves 0.01% of the federal budget. That's one ten-thousandth, a hundredth of a penny for each tax dollar.

THROW THE BASTARDS OUT. Is the representative from your district someone who screwed around during the budget debates or actively worked against creating a reasonable budget? Was your rep one of the bastards who let the "sequester" happen? Then write them! Tell them what you think of chopping off the good parts of our nation in order to feed the greed of those who support their elections.

Heck, let's just fire them all, do a 100% recall election, then make them beg for the jobs from us (the voters) for once - and prevent them from getting re-election financing from anyone more than, say, $20/person. That'll change things. Because when basic research dollars get yanked (not just at NASA but all over the place, in every university), and public education programs get canceled, we might as well throw in the towel as a nation.


Tags: decline of civilization, politics

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