Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

10 things on my desk

All right, seeing that my friends are doing this, I figured I oughter, too:

keys to let myself back into the office after disposing of Bowel-Rogs
or filling next item
1-qt. white-and-red plastic mug bearing the legend, "Crimson
for filling with sodee-pop to remain awake
empty Tupperware container with flip-opening lid bearing a
relief-sculpture of a chowin' monkey
for filling with raisins, nuts, and choco-chips
clip-on watch hangs from a belt-loop to keep track of time during lectures
heaps of papers, sorted into three piles 1) tech-writing notes (job)

2) teaching materials

3) misc. paper I'll prolly end up throwing away

framed photo of Kij and me on the Poulsbo docks for the warm feeling you only get from seeing your loved one
framed photo of Sid and Tatsuko see above
pile of science-fiction novels to reference, as I report my readings re: the Campbell Award
gum-dispenser in the shape of a rocketship with a
spacesuit-clad Curious George standing beside it
for smiles, and sometimes gum
three floppy disks 1) photos of the Karmann Ghia to post on eBay

2) photos of
our newest animals

3) for transporting my current chapter home


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