Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

107 degrees...

What a day! Woke up feeling like hell, and stoopid, and spent some time reading and fiddling around the house. Not at all what I'd planned to do today, sigh. Then went over on the motorcycle to pick up ChernobylRed. Did I mention that it was 107 degrees outside? Feck and arse! Normally, riding a motorcycle makes you feel cool, because the air washes off your heat. Not so when it's 107 degrees out. Went to the English Department Graduate Student something-something group's annual picnic... outside (did I mention it was 107 degrees?). The poor schmuck running the grill all day looked like he was going to die.

McGinnis came to Kansas today (surprise! found out yesterday), and we'll have breakfast tomorrow. He's talking to a hopeful employer. Silly monkey didn't tell us he was coming, but I hope we can see some of him before he returns to the land of sub-90-degrees.

Enough rambling! G'night.


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