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gaming night at Casa del McKitterick: starts this Thursday 6pm

Dear friends -

I've decided that it's been way too long since I've gamed, so it's high time I get back into it again! I really enjoyed having a weekly gaming night at my place in Seattle, and I would love to have that again.

We have a big assortment of games (board, miniature, tabletop, card, roleplaying, and so on), so I'll have a big selection to choose from when y'all show up.

After tonight's survey, it sounds as if Thursday nights might be good. Does that work for you? I'll just plan that this Thursday (say, starting at 6pm) will be the first night -- especially considering that I'll be missing out on GenCon this year, the first time I would have gone :-(

Favorite game you want to try? If I don't have it, bring it! We oughta be able to try a coupla things without going too late. If'n someone wants to play late into the night, I'm up for die-hards, too. Let's see if I can remember what I have offhand:

Easy card games:
Chrononauts (I think it's called; Steve Jackson game)
The Great Dalmuti
Lunch Money
The Simpsons
Zombie Killer Something-or-other
lots of others

Collectible card games (I have pre-built decks so you can try 'em):

Board games:
Robo-Rally (all the expansions)
lots of others

Miniatures wargames:
Battletech (the classic 8-hour mini game; only on a weekend, please!)
Crimson Skies (alternate-history WWI-era air battles)
MechWarrior (easy, rompin' stompin' killer robot tank warfare)

Roleplaying games (best to plan a few weeks in advance so I or someone else can prep to run a scenario):
Alternity (SF game)
Dungeons & Dragons (duh)

And miscellaneous other non-classifiable games.

Who's interested? Once we find out who's a regular, we can talk about maybe inviting others, but at first I wanted to keep the invite list limited to people I know I'd have fun gaming with.

I presume we won't get into roleplaying games (at least not right away!), so of course you needn't commit to every week. And non-gaming-types are welcome to just hang out with other non-gamers and chat and such, or watch, or whatever. And if you show up late, that's cool, but whoever's there by 6pm will be the first round (or should we start at 5pm?). Bring your favorite munchable, or we can order a pizza or something.

Lemme know!
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