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Call for papers for SFRA 2005 - Update

Update: We have had several expressions of concern about having papers for SFRA 2005 completed by the February 1st deadline for submissions. What we hope to have in hand by that date are well-defined proposals for papers and panel sessions. We do not need or expect completed papers submitted by the February 1st deadline. Dave Mead and Pete Lowentrout Co-Chairs, SFRA 2005 ____

One of this year's author guests of honor at the Science Fiction Research Association's annual conference in Las Vegas is our own kijjohnson. If you've written a paper about one of the guest authors or special topics, you're especially likely to be accepted to present at this conference. Here's a web link to the Conference:

SFRA hosts a wonderful conference where you can spend time with other science-fiction academics and authors (and it's free of fans) while finding out where current SF scholarship if headed. Plus, it's in Vegas this year! Here's a link to the SFRA organization's website:

By the way, Kij's novels are The Fox Woman (IAFA Crawford Award winner) and Fudoki (currently in contention for the World Fantasy Award, nominee for the James Tiptree Jr. Award and the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award, and a Publisher's Weekly Editors' Pick for the Year 2003). And if you want to be really clever about presenting a paper that includes her upcoming books, drop her an note -- I'm sure she'd be glad to help!


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