Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

initial novel progress

Okay, so shellyinseattle recommended I post regular progress reports on my reanimated novel, Empire Ship. All righty, here's where I am as of yesterday's work:

I've collected the piles of notes I've been writing over the years; read ALL those notes, which included detective work to understand my handwriting in some cases; sorted them into still-relevant notes; worked out the remaining issues I'd been facing (amazing what a couple of years of subconscious work can do for you); hit a block when I realized the plot doesn't use a try-fail cycle; talked that out with Kij who reminded me that much literature doesn't -- rather, it's a handy formula when a writer can't think of plot complications; finished working out the plot; and revised the first 45 pages.

Word / page count: 96,300 / 320

Tags: empire ship, writing

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