Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Oops, puppie prozac ain't working

So the pooch lost it yesterday in OUR NEW HOME, eating the front blinds, the back curtain, the grocery-bag bag, and knocking over as much as she could near the front and back doors. Not a whole lot of blood spattered around, but enough to squick one out. Hard to know if she chewed the handles, because they're both solid and the front one was already scratched up. Sigh.

Next step: Double the puppie prozac dose.

Step after that: The "Final Solution," I'm afraid.

Anyone know somebody who's a homebody, an older person or shut-in who will always be around during thunderstorms? She's a great dog, the sweetest thing ever, and no trouble during storms as long as she's around people. But she doesn't have long to live as long as she's our dog.


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